We have created BABY BALLERS & MIGHTY BALLERS in order to introduce the game of basketball to young kids before they play in a House League or competitive setting.

With a primary focus on learning within a fun and energetic atmosphere, we strive to ensure kids can develop a passion for the game. This is where it all starts! PASSION and FUN. There is no focus on statistics, competition or elite level play at this age group. The key here is to introduce the game in a fun way and foster a love for the game so that players are ready to explore playing at a higher level within the introductory house leagues and rep leagues several years later.

Use this opportunity to ensure you are positive and encouraging to your BABY BALLER & MIGHTY BALLER! Let them know to play hard, have fun and smile. Their basketball journey is just at its beginning and we want to ensure they play for many years to come.

Please see below for information on upcoming BABY BALLERS programming and to REGISTER TODAY BEFORE SPOTS ARE FILLED!