Royal City Basketball Club is an exciting club with lots of early success both on and off the court! Our goal is to impact EVERY child we have within our program. Whether that be at the recreational or most elite levels. We have come a long way in a very short period of time, establishing a competitive, yet fun atmosphere within both recreational and early development levels all the way to the most elite atmosphere of rep basketball with both Basketball Ontario and in the United States at several high level American tournaments.

Our coaches and mentors have been involved with playing at and/or graduating players to the next level including elite level high school, college, university and professional players.

We will always strive to include all players regardless of age, ability or social status. We do not want there to be any reason why players do not have a fair opportunity to play and we will do everything in our power to ensure all kids who want to participate have the chance to do so.

Our programs are being built for inclusion of kids ages 4 and up at all levels including programs in house league, skills training, tournament and league play, rep basketball, skills training sessions, fitness & strength classes and camps. We look forward to bringing this wonderful game to you and your family for kids to enjoy for years! We hope that joining the Royal City Family will make you and your child feel excited about the game now and for years to come. Our goal is to help teach your child valuable sport and life lessons and prove that their experience here has to be more than just the game itself but all the lessons we learn and can teach them along the way. Hard work, perseverance, teamwork, listening, speaking and finding your voice. Experience is the best teacher and we want to pass on both valuable life and sport lessons to your kids as well! THIS IS BIGGER THAN BASKETBALL and we aim to be one of the best experiences for all athletes coming through our program! Welcome to the Royal City family!


This program has been everything but short of a miracle for my child. This has opened my eyes to endless possibilities for her. She has met other kids exactly like her. To see the emotions and the smiles and the laughter of these children as they run onto the court with each other knowing they all have each other to lean on doing something they all love. To see her having such a passion for the sport. To even learn that she was capable of such discipline for learning the game and seeing her struggles disappear proves my child has been given back HOPE. I just can’t express my gratitude enough.
Nancy W


Royal City Basketball Club adheres to the Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI) Pledge